Fedora20 and project updates

So, I have finally had time to update my main server to Fedora 20. Everything is running smooth, and all my services (Firewall, DHCP, DNS, Mediatomb, etc) are easy to configure and migrate. I realize it has been a very long time since my last update...ya know...life got in the way. I plan on keeping this a little more up to date with content, for example, I've recently updated my Projects.

I wanted to make sure both Pyconnmgr

...and Pyscreenie

...were both working with Fedora. Obviously, both are up and running, and with minimal code change.

I've taken the time to learn the development process on Fedora, and I would have to say I am pleased. The process is straight forward, and creating RPMS and your own repo is fairly easy. In the upcoming posts, I will go into the details on those processes. For now, I just wanted to get a quick update, and make sure some newly updated web settings are working as expected. So far, so good.


Both are looking great!!